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BDK Entertainment has been operating in and around Brisbane/Gold Coast for approximately 6 years. What originally started as a Business Partnership is now, due to the passing last year of my Business Partner Syngaio Tipene, a Sole Owner Business. This however has not changed BDK Entertainments love of the Karaoke Industry and all of the wonderful people we meet at our venues.
When it comes to any of the venues that we play at, we like to say……..
“If you are here for the Karaoke, WE WILL GET YOU TO SING and IF WE HAVE THE SONG, YOU CAN SING IT”
Also. Please, do not be afraid to ask if you can’t see the song you want in the books. As we have approximately 200k songs, we only put the books out as a guide or prompt for our patrons. A book with ALL OF THE SONGS would take all week to look through lol.
So, we hope to see you at one of our venues soon. Don’t forget. If you go to Karaoke to have fun, BDK is here to make that happen. The more fun that our patrons have, the more fun we have. After all…….”KARAOKE, IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU HAVING A GO”

Gigs Run By Kyle tamihana

The Victory Hotel

Karaoke night

Wednesday every 8pm till late hosted by Keight if BDK Entertainment 

Thursday every 9pm till late hosted by Kyle of BDK Entertainment 

Friday every 9pm till late hosted by Kyle of BDK Entertainment 

The Caxton Hotel

KARAOKE NIGHT  start at 8:30PM – 2AM hosted by Breaking Dawn Karaoke

An Extensive list of songs for the ONLY KARAOKE on CAXTON STREET on a WEDNESDAY NIGHT. Bring your friends and enjoy the atmosphere with some FOOD, FUN & FRIENDS. Prizes to be won, so don’t miss out.



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