Swansea new-south-wales

2nd & 4th Week of every month

1:00 AM

Kid Friendly: Yes

Gig Details:

Family Friendly Club with great all you can eat restaurant. Karaoke starts at 7:30 to 11pm. Good appreciative crowd for all types of singers. Drinks at Club Prices. Plenty of Parking. Hosted by Karaoke Klubhouse, Newcastle\’s Premier Karaoke Show. Awesome Sound, Huge Song Selection, Touch Screen or App based Song Selection… Always a fun night at Swansea Workers. $50 Cash Prizes to be won for Singers. (not Competition Based)


Available Dates (friday) – to (2nd_&_4th_week_of_every_month on 02/08/2019) Host by Karaoke Klubhouse


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