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Our karaoke and venue website is Australia's #1 karaoke website with the original and biggest karaoke venues and gigs listings online - it's where Australia's karaoke community meets to enjoy great singing and great music across Australia.
As a community is real life, KaraokeSeeker.com requires you to Sign In to access some features of the community. However, searching for gigs and venues doesn’t require you to Sign In.
Our KaraokeSeeker.com gigs and venues provide each venue's contact information and a map to find where they are for easy access. The venues provide the date, time information and usually the host's name too and often a lot of other information such as the type and size of the audience, singers and song list they provide of different genres of music. Many venues and events also have feedback from singers and visitors, and will help you in choosing the best event and venue for your evening of karaoke.
Access to the venues and gigs listings is free and you'll given the option to provide information about your previous karaoke experiences.

Karaoke in Australia

Most karaoke gigs are held in pubs and clubs, and often not advertised, that is why we are providing you the best source for karaoke in Australia. To ensure we can provide you the best venue’s to visit for karaoke in Australia. This why our karaokeseeker.com website is the most visited karaoke website in Australia, being the meeting place for both karaoke hosts and singers alike that enjoy these great evenings out if you love singing on the karaoke.

Where to find karaoke in Australia?

You'll find karaoke event’s listed here on KaraokeSeeker.com for ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC & WA. New South Wales has the most venues for you to sing your heart out, and great karaoke music genres, followed by Queensland and Victoria; South Australia, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory have even fewer event’s which may lead to some restrictions on music genre, Tasmania has a sprinkling, and the Northern Territory is in last place for popular karaoke venues. But only KaraokeSeeker.com has the constant updated national karaoke event’s database for all venues of different music genres for you to sing in Australia.

Karaoke in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth and Darwin

Karaoke in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane can be found almost every night of the week with lots of music genre to chose from, and karaoke can be found in the other major cities late in the week and at weekends - and most big towns will have karaoke somewhere on a Friday and Saturday night, these are the most popular times to enjoy and get involved singing your favourite karaoke songs. Rural towns will often have karaoke at the weekends in the RSL or sporting clubs, and taxi drivers are another good source of karaoke venue information, as they have high bookings to a lot of venues that provide karaoke events. But there's nothing to beat checking through our KaraokeSeeker.com Karaoke events and venues Listings.

Why does KaraokeSeeker.com have the biggest karaoke listings?

Our database has been built by phone calls, personal visits, emails and the contributions of Australia's hosts, singers and karaoke venues. The database was designed from the ground up exclusively for listing and tracking karaoke events of all genres of music for you to enjoy, and is today the most up-to-date source of karaoke events and venues information for you to find your perfect place to sing karaoke.

What's wrong with the gig lists on other websites?

You'll find that our KaraokeSeeker.com gigs and venues database is often more up-to-date than even karaoke hosts' own websites. Essentially, whilst others are simply static lists, KaraokeSeeker.com is a dynamic database serving up the very latest information to provide you the best karaoke music and venues on the internet.

Where do I find karaoke competitions?

KaraokeSeeker.com has a special Karaoke Comps page where just the venues running competitions are listed. In many cases you'll also been able to see the prizes, heats, semi final and grand final dates. KaraokeSeeker.com is proud to be listing the Australian trials of the 'Karaoke World Championships', and during the heats have a special page devoted to listing participating venues - now, participating venues are listed in the Competitions section with all the other comps that you might enjoy to your pleasure of reading.

I need to find karaoke venues for kids

KaraokeSeeker.com has an Under-18s karaoke events and venues list, and any kids of any ages and of any music genre (as many kids’ music choices are different) and we aim to serve you great information of karaoke events and venues for anyone! And competitions are also listed here on our KaraokeSeeker.com database.

Karaoke hosts, karaoke suppliers

All these karaoke venues and events have their own karaoke lists on KaraokeSeeker.com, plus other pages for karaoke links, and lists of previous 'karaoke news stories' and 'karaoke events and venues reviews'.

Where can I chat to other karaoke singers and karaoke hosts?

The KaraokeSeeker.com forum provides a place where singers get together and discuss all aspects of karaoke and music genre, and even how they like to sing, and their favourite songs to sing at karaoke venues.

What else can I find on KaraokeSeeker.com?

Our homepage features a different venues and gigs daily, including photos and a detailed description of the event and venue. Singers also leave their feedback under gigs in the Karaoke Gig Listings, and the more interesting or entertaining of these will be shown on the homepage for you to enjoy reading for your love of karaoke.
'Karaoke venue & events listings - www.karaokeseeker.com : Australia's biggest best karaoke venues and events of all music genre listings with confirmed dates and times - for karaoke hosts and singers, or people that just enjoy listening and watching other people sing karaoke.'


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